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The TDHI Group is planning the establishment of a Holding Company to merge into a single legal entity the shareholdings acquired through the following activities:

  1. Merger,

  2. Partnerships,

  3. Shares received in exchange for development activities,

  4. Fees received in exchange for development activities.

The new Holding will allow the TDHI Group to support its SME customers and/or subsidiaries even more. The TDHI Group is the only consultancy group in the world that accepts shares (risk securities) as partial payment.

Corporate securities and shares will be accepted up to 25% of the value of consultancy, assistance and development contracts.

Industry & Innovation will manage the own participation:

  • in agreement with the managers of the client companies

  • in compliance with the pre-emptive rights of the shareholders of the client companies

  • creating financial leverage to invest in other SMEs by self-financing the activities developed by TDHI INTERNATIONAL or TDHI ITALIA for the benefit of their customers.

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