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Our Story

We are the new financial division of TDHI INTERNATIONAL. But our story comes from afar. We have acquired all the know-how, teams and activities of the TDHB which has worked in the international market since 1999.

Our story is the success of the past that we have acquired together with the success of TDHI INTERNATIONAL today.

Who We Are

We are the Finance division of TDHI INTERNATIONAL. The goal of the DH Group, to which TDHI INTERNATIONAL belongs, is to develop the Division until it becomes a company of the TDHI Group by 2025. 


The Divisions that have obtained partnerships beyond 5M USD will be transformed into companies by 2025.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a welcoming and trusted place in which the client or partner of TDHI INTERNATIONAL can find the maximum of professionalism and service in our sectors.

About Us




Strategic Consulting

Project finance development 

Company finance

Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Partnership Agreement on Investment and Financial cooperation


Joint Venture

International planning 

Offshore companies

Fiscal planning




What We Offer

Trusted activities 

Our Division can help President and Ceo Trusted adviser

Relation with trusted companies  for members

Relation with international financial institutions

Relation with venture capital companies

Consultancy activities or trusted manager to assist our members in generational changing 


Due diligence

Synergy and integrations analysis

Buyer research

Seller research

Team negotiation and  coordination

M&A operation research

Buyer research for M&A operation

Financial planning

Business plan

Investment memorandum

LC consulting

SBLC consulting

BG consulting

MTN consulting



Deep International Strategies knowledge

We are part of a group that exists since 1989. Many companies that make up the group have been working in the field of international consultancy for 30 years in 4 continents. The experience gained in global consultancy and in the strategy of conquering the markets is very important. 

Years of Experience

1999-2023 is a very long experience. Such a long time allows you to tell if an idea or project works. Our work we are still here and in full evolution. We evolve to grow but, above all, to improve ourselves. By improving, we guarantee answers and serious help to our clients.

In-house Research Teams

Five research teams make up the group's search engine: Strategies, finance, commodities, geopolitics and M&A.
Having internal research teams allows us to make analyses in record times, often within 15 days of receiving communications from the client worldwide.

Why Us



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