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Our Story

We are the financial division of the TDHI GROUP. Our history comes from afar. The GROUP has acquired all the know-how, teams and activities of TDHB, operating internationally since 1999.

Our history, together with the TDHI GROUP's success and the DH GROUP's international support, allow us to have a solid history to ensure concrete, efficient and successful services.

Who We Are

We are the Financial Division of the TDHI GROUP. The objective of our GROUP is to create a HUB of services that are often used together. 


The Division coordinates 5 sub-divisions, each specialized in its sector. The aim of creating specialized teams allows us to have the possibility of providing absolutely professional and specialized services.

Our Vision

Our Division's vision is to create a welcoming and trustworthy professional place where the customer or partner of the TDHI GROUP can find the utmost professionalism and service in the sectors of our expertise.

About Us




Strategic Consulting

Project finance development 

Company finance

Special Purpose Acquisition Company

Partnership Agreement on Investment and Financial cooperation


Joint Venture

International planning 

Offshore companies

Fiscal planning




What We Offer


Our Division can help President and Ceo Trusted adviser

Relation with trusted companies  for members

Relation with international financial institutions

Relation with venture capital companies

Consultancy activities or trusted manager to assist our members in generational changing 

Merger & Acquisition

Due diligence

Synergy and integrations analysis

Buyer research

Seller research

Team negotiation and  coordination

M&A operation research

Buyer research for M&A operation

Financial planning

Business plan

Investment memorandum

LC consulting

SBLC consulting

BG consulting

MTN consulting



Deep International Strategies knowledge

We are part of a group that has existed since 1989. Many group divisions and companies have operated in international consultancy on 6 continents for 30 years. The experience gained in global consultancy and market conquest strategy is significant.

Years of Experience

The period 1999-2023 is a very long and meaningful experience. Such a long time allows us to evaluate and understand if an idea or a project works or a business plan is credible.

In-house Research Teams

The 5 research sub-divisions comprise the group's research and development engine in the sectors: strategies, finance, raw materials, geopolitics and M&A.

Having internal research teams allows us to conduct in-depth and confidential analyses.

Why Us



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